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About Us

The Birth of NintendoNerds.com
It all started approximately the first week of March in 2007. It was a dark, brain-stormy time filled with seemingly impossible word combinations. No matter how many word combinations I came up with, none of them produced a catchy look or returned the perfect harmonic sound that rolled off the tip of the tongue. The search for the perfect domain name was beginning to seem harder and harder to discover. All I wanted was to come up with a domain name that was easy to remember, had a nice ring to it, and was visually appealing.

After a few days of banging my head against the wall, running into the wall, and pulling my hair out, I discovered what I had been searching for the entire time. At 9:59 AM on March 13th, 2007, I discovered that the perfect domain name was available for purchase. It's name...NintendoNerds.com. From this moment on, it was the destiny of NintendoNerds.com to revitalize the classic Nintendo gaming community that started over a quarter century ago. It was time to bring back all of the memories and passions to the hearts and souls of the classic gaming fanatics all over the world.

The Future of NintendoNerds.com
Within 3-5 years, NintendoNerds.com is hoping to be one of the largest, most competitive sources of information on the Internet for classic and modern Nintendo gaming. With gaming content constantly pouring in from visitors all over the world and requests being made to update game information, the NintendoNerds.com website continues to grow at a rapid, unstoppable rate.

Some might argue that this might be a waste of time or may even go beyond that and say that there is no future for the classic Nintendo community anymore. This opens endless topics of debate. The fact of the matter is that first and foremost, Nintendo is not going anywhere anytime soon. Secondly, Nintendo's innovative approach on gaming technology always seems to have the upperhand when it comes to overall sales figures.

Here's my point. With the uprising of new consoles like the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS, gamers fall back in time and reminisce when they once played the classic Nintendo Entertainment System, Super NES, Nintendo 64, or the Nintendo GameCube. Exploring the classic games for these consoles can turn into a timeless journey that one could easily fall in love with all over again.

Having a website at your disposal for all the gaming information you need or want makes it easier than ever to relive the classic Nintendo gaming era or enjoy today's modern Nintendo gaming.

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