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3DS eShop Block Sizes (Retail) Listing

By Kevin on Jun 06 2013 10:54 AM
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How precious are your blocks, if you're a digital kind of person?

A few days ago, I revealed a new project, beneficial to the Wii U owners who prefer to have a digital library of game goodness. The Wii U eShop Games List Download Sizes (Retail) page is handy for those wanting information on download sizes, even if digital downloads isn't a preferred method of purchasing content. It's interesting info to see!

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Today, I am here to announce that I have completed an equivalent listings for the current 3DS retail games that can be downloaded from the 3DS eShop. Of course, this list will always be updated whenever a new retail title becomes available for download in the eShop. At the present time, there are a total of twenty-two titles on the list.

There may be more, so I'm hoping our community can help out by requesting those games that aren't currently listed. This list, as well as its Wii U equivalent, is updated whenever a new title is added to our main Games database. Go ahead, take a gander whenever you get a moment. Because you can also add any of those games to your very own personal game library.

3DS eShop Block Sizes (Retail)

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* Block sizes are only for the game itself and do not reflect any patches or downloadable content (DLC) which may add to the block-size of the game.
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