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3DS Hottest Selling Christmas Console?

By Kevin on Oct 15 2011 08:48 AM
A recent poll was conducted by Japanese online publication Famitsu that unfolded some interesting results for Nintendo's 3DS handheld. Leading retailers were asked to vote for a console they believed would yield the most sells during this year's Christmas season.

Strangely, the Wii and DS weren't even voted on. As far as Microsoft goes, I'm not sure it was even included in the poll as an option. Even it their console was, I sincerely doubt it would have favored the results.

Here are their results...
  • Nintendo 3DS - 63
  • PS Vita - 31
  • PlayStation 3 - 14
  • PlayStation Portable - 5
What are your thoughts about this? Will the Nintendo 3DS live up to the retailer Christmas spirit?

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It's a Japanese poll, which doesn't mean much for its worldwide outlook.