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60 Levels Of Mutant Mudds DLC Coming Soon

By Kevin on Sep 09 2012 01:37 PM
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Sixty whopping levels of Downloadable Content (DLC) for the popular 3DS eShop downloadable title Mutant Mudds, is expected to become available in four to six weeks. Jools Watsham, video game developer from Renegade Kid, recently confirmed (via Twitter) that all sixty levels were recently complete and fully tested. He goes on to say that Mutant Mudds will undergo testing from Nintendo, where it is then placed in queue for an update and release.

Are you a Mutant Mudds fan? If so, are you looking forward to this updated release?

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Wow, I have yet to finish this game because...its HARD. Like sometimes really really hard. I'll take free levels any day of the week but I really need to try to complete the main story.
Just bought this game last night...so awesome!