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Amazon Lists New Super Luigi For 3DS

By Kevin on May 13 2013 01:48 PM
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OK, Amazon. You're drunk. We think.

Amazon of North America have recently listed the title New Super Luigi under the (are you ready for this?) 3DS games section of their website. On the listing, there are five screenshots, which all appear to be from the upcoming New Super Luigi U — a new Downloadable Content (DLC) installment for New Super Mario Bros. U. Could this be a legitimate listing, using temp screenshots from the New Super Luigi U?

Not too much information is listed other than a price of $39.99 and a temporary releases date of December 31st, 2013. Did someone from Amazon make a simple boo-boo, or could there really be a new Luigi-focused side-scrolling platformer on the horizon for the Nintendo 3DS? I mean, this is the Year of Luigi, right?

Source: Amazon, via NeoGAF

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Let me think about this for a while...

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I am going to say this was a boo boo. It would make no sense to take more focus away from the Wii U and offer the game on 3DS as well.
Amazon struggles with a number of addictions. Yes, she's often drunk and disorderly. But I believe in miracles and I think she can still get help in rehab and become a symbol of hope.

Did I say Amazon? I meant Lindsay Lohan.

New Super Luigi for 3DS...yeah, I don't know about that. There's no way the game could scale down to the 3DS, right? And it doesn't really utilize the 2 screens either. I'm going to agree with aquizero and HylianHero on this one. It's just an error on Amazon's part.

Get yourself well, Lindsay Lohan! Mean Girls is a classic movie.
agree, but it would be cool to have DLC for New Super Mario Bros 2 to play as Luigi. But, Benjamin is right, it would take focus away from WIi U. Nintendo can't afford to do that right now
I wouldn't mind a Luigi game similar to this for 3DS.....But I really think Nintendo needs to make a explorable 3D game and stop making nearly every game a side-scrolling type. Not that the side-scrolling games are bad just that I would like to see some more explorable games...Nintendo has really forgotten about those....I miss them.
Good responses, everyone. Amazon have just updated the listing. :rofl:

It's currently priced at $59.99 though, which seems to be a filler price until Nintendo reveals the true price. Also, since it's listed (and New Super Luigi U is DLC), could this possibly distributed as a digital download code?

View PostKevin, on 14 May 2013 - 01:15 AM, said:

Also, since it's listed (and New Super Luigi U is DLC), could this possibly distributed as a digital download code?

I don't see why not. I mean, I'm under the impression that you need the original game, but perhaps they're going to sell the digital download version of the game with New Super Luigi U front-and-center in the future marketing? It is strange, it doesn't make sense. If anything, it's a little more attention for the Wii U on Amazon. I guess.