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Animal Crossing: New Leaf SpotPass Notification To Fans

By Kevin on May 03 2013 02:18 AM
Get ready for Animal Crossing!

If you haven't checked your SpotPass notifications on your 3DS lately, you'll be surprised to know that a new message is waiting for you. We already know that Animal Crossing: New Leaf is making its debut appearance in North America on June 9th ($34.99) — just over one more month to go now! — but these early indications are always warmly welcomed!

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The SpotPass message reads as follows:

Animal Crossing SpotPass said:

Good news for Animal Crossing fans: You'll be able to purchase the digital version of Animal Crossing: New Leaf at midnight on the day it launches, June 9th.

Simply add Animal Crossing: New Leaf to your Wishlist now, so you'll remember to buy the moment it's available. Stay tuned for more Animal Crossing news.


By touching the "Launch Software" button in the lower-right portion of the SpotPass message, you'll be taken to the Nintendo 3DS eShop, where you can easily add Animal Crossing: New Leaf to your Wish List.

Will you be purchasing the digital version of Animal Crossing: New Leaf via Nintendo 3DS eShop, or a retail copy from a retailer?

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Comments: 8

I'm going retail due my personal preference. On top of that, EB Games is also offering a bonus figure set of Isabella and the Town Hall with pre-orders. There ain't no way I'll be missing out on that for a digital version.
I was hoping that would be the case! I'm going for the download version as I know it's going to be a game I want to pop in and play all day long. I don't want to hassle with changing cartridges
I am going retail. This notification, though nice, is a bit of a let down. I mean for someone who has been waiting such a long time I wanted something more than a "coming soon" message.
I wish i could get the digital version. i live in a small town and the demand for the game isn't that great, so they probably won't do a midnight release. I also heard Nintendo is giving out limited copies of all their games. so I already pre-ordered the retail copy, thinking i'd get a surprise but its only in Europe. -_-

I am getting the digital version of the game. I can appreciate everyone's opinions on wanting the retail version, but it's more convenient for me to get the digital version. For one, I already have a balance on my eshop, so the game is already paid for. Plus, Animal Crossing to me is a game you go on and off throughout the day on, so having it in the actual 3DS instead of having to switch cartridges all the time just makes sense to me. If I were to do that I might end up losing my game, especially because they are so small! D:   I will be starting my download at midnight! WOOHOO!!!!! Can't wait!!!!
I already pre-ordered the reatil version at EB Games. For me it's a collectors thing.
I don't really care that much about midnight releases anymore, but it's
a good excuse to be a little social, to have fun, to see people and friends I don't normally get to see and
to get  a little different input on games, get suggestions, to trade ideas.
I too am getting the physical copy, only because I like getting to actually touch my game (nostalgic feeling I suppose).
I can't wait!!!