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Best Buy Offering Digital Download Codes For 3DS Games

By Kevin on May 12 2013 12:45 PM
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When it comes to purchasing 3DS games, online retailer Best Buy have recently added an extra option for consumers. Instead of ordering just a physical copy of the software, digital download codes can be purchased for select many of Nintendo's 3DS titles. Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Fire Emblem Awakening, and Paper Mario: Sticker Star are just a few of the titles that digital download codes can be purchased for.

According to the Best Buy website, the digital download code, or "token code" as they refers to it, will be emailed to the purchaser. For games that have not yet been released, the digital download code will be emailed to the purchaser on the date that the software is released.

For those looking to send an instant special surprise gift of 3DS goodness to someone, this could be a great option. It's quick, easy, and cuts shipping and handling out of the picture. As you may know, most of Nintendo's 3DS software can also be purchased as a digital download, via 3DS eShop.

Source: Best Buy

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I approve of the use of alpacas in everything Animal Crossing related.

I know Best Buy has been struggling lately, but I really do turn to them for almost all of my electronic needs. I would be upset if they went out of business. They employ a lot of good people, often people who are struggling through a lay-off. I purchased my 3DS battery there. So it's nice to know that digital sales can still involve retail outlets. And as you mentioned, this type of thing is perfect for gifts. I love getting a 3DS eShop prepaid card, it's like receiving the gift of fun itself.

For all the issues I have with digital retail games*, it's clear that Nintendo wants to move in this direction. I'm confident that Nintendo won't let us down.

* = I just thought, "What if the recipient of a digital download game doesn't have enough space on their SD card and now in order to download and enjoy the game they have to get a bigger SD card?"
That is very good to hear.

You brought up a good point on the memory issue. It would be nice if the nintendo eshop would add a redownload feature that is tied to your friends code.