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Bookstore Anywhere For Nintendo 3DS Coming October

By Kevin on Sep 21 2012 08:25 PM
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According to a recent article from Nikkei, one of Japan's largest media corporations, a brand-new and interactive feature looms on the horizon for the Nintendo 3DS. Starting on October 20th, the 3DS eShop will begin to receive digital content in e-book form. A free application, called Bookstore Anywhere, will become available for Japanese 3DS owners. For the initial launch, over 100 different Manga will be available; each one costing between 400-500 Yen. Future plans are also in the works to provide magazine and novels. Official confirmation has not been stated for any other regions. I believe this is the start of something magnificent though.

Source: Siliconera Tweet

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I find it rather fnny that an e-book app was announced for both the 3DS and the Vita at the same time, roughly. I like the idea of reading Japanese comics on the app, but I don't see that being a possibility here in English regions simply because of the number of different licensors. That and VIZ Media have their own iPad app, so I don't see them reaching out for these two consoles.

All that aside, I personally won't use them. If I have to pay a separate price for each "book," I'd rather have a physical copy. Mainly because I prefer physical copies of media entertainment over digital copies.
The more apps the merrier. I do not personally know if I will use it but I would try it out, that is for sure.