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Brain Age: Concentration Training Puzzle Swap Panel

By Kevin on Feb 21 2013 07:50 PM
Dr. Kawashima is always watching you!

Have you been concentrating? A Brain Age: Concentration Training Puzzle Swap Panel is now available in the Play area of the StreetPass Mii Plaza. If you have SpotPass enabled, you should have received the new notification. If you haven't checked in a while, you'll have a new Brain Age: Concentration Training Puzzle Swap Panel waiting for you when you next visit!

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Comments: 4

I got my piece! I am surprised that this game got its own puzzle. Also, I am happy that it only has 4 pink pieces.
I could do with a new puzzle, as I've finished them all so far. But this one hasn't hit locally either. At this rate, the next puzzle that Australia/Europe gets is going to be for Luigi's Mansion 2.
that first image scares me.. his devilish form scares me... they actually have an option to make his face invisible.. so its just hovering glasses.. anyway im glad for a new puzzle.. just sucks that this side of sc seems to have met a dry spell in pink pieces..
Oh my goodness I forgot I got this in my old 3DSXL and now in my new one, since the transfer didn't work, I don't have it, I got 3D land instead...sigh...hope I get it back...not likely though...grrr