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Crashmo Goes On Sale Tomorrow For $5.99

By Kevin on Feb 20 2013 05:23 PM
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As part of Nintendo's ongoing 3DS eShop sales promotion, the price for Crashmo officially "crashes" down tomorrow, February 21st. Originally retailing for $8.99, you'll be able to purchase Crashmo for just $5.99. The price drop won't last long, though. If you enjoyed Pushmo, you're in for a treat with Mallo's newest 3D action-puzzler.

In Crashmo, you're faced with new gravity mechanics such as floating blocks, doors, and move switches. This time, you'll even have to be careful where you place unsupported blocks because they could go...well...crashing down! Creating and sharing puzzles with friends has never been more exciting!

Source: Limited Time eShop Sale

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Just completed Pushmo. I will definitely pick up Crashmo tomorrow.
"It's free fun for the whole family*! But it will cost you $5.99, plus the cost of the 3DS, and the electricity to power it. But after that, like I said, it's F-R-E-E!"

Anyway, I really enjoyed Pushmo. I beat the story-line, but then I had issues with the extra puzzles. Speaking of the story, it was really weird if you over-thought it. Like, this old man makes these playground-like things for all the kids to climb on, but these structures can also trap those kids inside of them. So of course we make a game out of saving the children because why not! It's not like they're going anywhere.

Crashmo looks like it's about saving birds, so I'm looking forward to that story. I kind of wish it was all kinds of animals trapped inside, because that would be cute like a zoo. Maybe in the next game. Which might be called Splashmo, for all I know. Or Tushmo, Quashmo, Flushmo, Wooshmo, Harshmo, Brushmo, Joshmo, Moshmo, Gnoshmo, Flashmo, or Sashmo.

I'm also looking forward to The Denpa Men sequel.

* = Not fun for the whole family at the same time, obviously. It's a single-player game.
I have so many games to play that I may pass on this discount. I have not finished Pushmo. It is a great game but I am not particularly skilled at it. I doubt I will be better once gravity is involved. Still, this is good for those who love these types of games.
Oh my goodness, I bought Harvestmoon and haven't spent time doing anything because that game has had my undivided attention.  Then I bought ten new games but have played non of them really  because of harvest moon lol. but I will get this one because I want it so I can play it when I find time away from the cropping, watering, planting, milking, cleaning, etc...hahaha thanks Kevin