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Denpa Men 2 Confirmed For Western Release

By Kevin on Oct 29 2012 05:06 AM
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The ever-popular 3DS eShop title The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave, will be getting its sequel, The Denpa Men 2, localized in the near future. The game's developer, Genius Sonority Inc., just Tweeted the proof from their official Twitter account.

The Tweet says:

Genius Sonority Inc. said:

Thanks to everyone for the positive reactions towards the localization of The Denpa Men 2! More Denpa Men coming your way :)

This is great news for the company and all the fans who have enjoyed this cute, entertaining and challenging eShop title. We'll keep you informed when we receive more information from Genius Sonority.

For more information on Denpa Men, please visit the official website at:
The Denpa Men

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More Spandex!  From what I played in the demo of the first, this game seemed great.  I love any game that incorporates AR.  I plan on picking it up sometime.
I haven't had the chance to pick up the first one, but I did enjoy the demo.
Huh. And here I thought that Nintendo of America had skipped the first one altogether. Good to see otherwise. Hopefully Nintendo of Europe won't have to wait two months after the US release for this one when it comes out.
I had a feeling it was going to be a Denpa Men 2! Awesome!!
Yes this is great. I now follow the official twitter page. I also need to finish the after story before this releases.
Oh man, A part 2, I need part one first! At least I know there will be a two when I am done with one lol.  Thanks!! This is awesome...