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Fire Emblem Awakening Will Be Digitally Distributed

By Kevin on Jan 05 2013 08:53 AM
According to the 3DS eShop, the newly listed Fire Emblem: Awakening title will be available by either digital download or retail copy. Since the debut of Fire Emblem: Awakening in Japan on April 19th, 2012, the only option to purchase the game has been via retail copy.

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At the current moment, the required block amount (digital download size) is unknown, but we're hoping that the official Fire Emblem: Awakening website will update us with that information prior to its North American release on February 4th, 2013. Europe will see Fire Emblem: Awakening hit shelves, and likely digital download, just one month later in April.

Official Site - Fire Emblem: Awakening for Nintendo 3DS

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I want to download a full game digitally but I am not sure if this is the game I want to be my first...
*sigh* you guys get it 2 months earlier :( will have to wait until April. At least I'll have Luigi's Mansion to tide me over ;)
Apparently it will 8579 blocks, which works out to be 1072MB (around 1GB)
(there are 8MB in 1 block: 8579/8=1072.375MB)

Rich from IGN has downloaded it https://twitter.com/...016203042971648