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Fluidity: Spin Cycle Flows To 3DS eShop Tomorrow

By Kevin on Dec 26 2012 07:01 PM
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Eddy's the name and liquid is the game! Fluidity: Spin Cycle becomes available in the 3DS eShop tomorrow, December 27th for $10.99. Tilt, turn and rotate your Nintendo 3DS to control a puddle of water named Eddy. You'll have to maneuver Eddy through a maze-like magical world while fending off Goop monsters. He can even be transformed into ice or gas to solve various puzzles.

Some puzzles may even require rotating the 3DS a full 360 degrees. Discover hidden puzzle pieces to unlock bonus playrooms, providing additional gameplay. Please note that this game does not feature any 3D visuals due to the vast amount of hardware rotation required for gameplay.

Source: Official Site - Fluidity: Spin Cycle for Nintendo 3DS

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You know, for every game on a Nintendo console that I get extremely upset with as a result of release delays for EU/AU, I subsequently find myself surprised when we get games before NA. It's been out here for a week or so already, under the name Hydroventure: Spin Cycle and I enjoyed the first level quite a bit. Haven't played it beyond that, though.
I think that this game looks fun. I am glad that the game originated from a Wii game. It just makes things that much better.
I'm going to pass on this one. I'm not going to pay $10.99 for a game that requires me to completely rotate the 3DS or frequently move it around. Yeah, the 3DS sensors work and I'm sure this game makes great use of them, but that just defeats the purpose of me being comfortably perched in my bed or on the couch.

And also because of:

"Due to the rotation of the hardware during gameplay, this game is not in 3D."

...that just reinforces my decision to not make the purchase. A demo would be nice.

View PostKevin, on 28 December 2012 - 02:10 PM, said:

A demo would be nice.

Yes, a demo would be the determining factor in whether or not the game would be worth buying.  Not in 3D and having to turn the game all the time...nope, just the thought alone tells me it is more than I want to deal with...so give me a demo and let me give it a test spin...hehehe
So, has anyone downloaded this game? If so, I would love to hear thoughts.