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Goodbye, Aqua Blue 3DS

By Kevin on May 13 2012 05:20 AM
Nintendo of Japan have recently announced that their Aqua Blue 3DS will no longer be manufactured. While there is still no exact date that Nintendo of Japan will retire their Aqua Blue 3DS, its fate is sealed. Nintendo of America have made no announcement in press, nor their official website. In fact, a Nintendo of America representative, when asked, said:

“We have nothing to announce about the Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS in our territory at this time.”

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So if you're wanting to grab one of these, now might be the right time to do so. Even if Nintendo of America does plan to cease production of their Aqua Blue 3DS, I'm sure we'll all have enough time to purchase one if we want.


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well this ruined my day :sad:  yeah im back on nintendo nerds :wee:
Why did it ruin your day? Welcome back.
I personally don't see myself purchasing another 3DS, but if I did, this would be the one.

View PostDarthArk, on 13 May 2012 - 07:30 PM, said:

I personally don't see myself purchasing another 3DS, but if I did, this would be the one.

What if the Cobalt Blue or Ice White version made their way over to North America?
Cobalt Blue would be my choice. Still wouldn't buy a new 3DS just for the color though.
Blue is a cool color. I really like my Blue DSi XL and I used to have a BLUE DS Phat.
This color seemed to be somewhat disliked anyway. I mean it is unique but somehow doesn't seem blue enough for the normal male. (From what I hear from other males). Also, since I saw online that there is a darker blue in production (soon?) there is no need for similar colors.
So purchasing a KH model from Japan...
Glad i have mine :)
Yep ^

Same, glad I already have one, but I hardly play it :-/  RCT3D needs to come out first I guess.
Mine is blue, but I'd have liked to have had the red. And now I see the purple one and I want that one most of all. *sigh*  I don't know if I'd trade mine in though .. but I am tempted.
I love the cobalt blue one but i got a black since my ds lite was red and my dsi was that almost sky blue so i decided to go with black.. but i have to agree that that aqua blue was kinda awkward but those who already have one of that color can feel special now that they kinda have a collectable color :3