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HarmoKnight Hits High Note In eShop

By Kevin on Dec 08 2012 02:53 AM
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Originally released as a 3DS download in the Japanese eShop on September 5th, 2012, Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight (リズムハンター ハーモナイト Rizumu Hantā: HāmoNaito) has been confirmed for North America and Europe. The announcement came during the recent Nintendo Direct presentations last Wednesday. While North America hasn't revealed any information other than a 2013 release, Europe can expect to see the title in their eShop at some point in March of next year.

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Developed by Game Freak Inc., Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight brings a whole new dimension to rhythm-based gaming, not to mention stunning 3D visuals and boss fights. Take on the role of Tempo, a young boy, who must restore peace to planet Harmonia. Using your mighty musical note as a weapon, you hack, slash and hum your way through nearly 60 levels of acoustic beauty. There's also a Pokémon-themed level. The game is currently priced in the Japanese 3DS eShop for Â¥1,800 Japanese Yen, which is equivalent to over $20 US Dollars.

Source:  Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight | Japanese eShop

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$20 seems a bit high, doesn't it? Unless its one of those games thats in-between the typical shop release and retail download.Don't get me wrong, I am really impressed with the progress the shop has made in past year. and if the games warrant the increased price, then great. Keep 'em coming!
Yea i totally want this game regardless of the price! The gameplay looks very squishy and cute (as well as epic) and im a sucker for rhythm games (since that usually means there is good music invovled, right?) Plus being a pokemon fan im totally looking forward to the pkmn themed stuff!!
I think this game looks great. I was so happy to hear that it is getting localized. Gamefreak has proven themselves over and over again with Pokemon titles, it is nice to see them venture out into something else. $20.00 is a little steep but we will have to wait and see the final price. I would be more comfortable at $14.99.
How much would it be in British £'s?

Ash x