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Here's Why Fire Emblem Awakening Characters Don't Have Feet

By Kevin on Apr 02 2013 02:34 PM
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At this point, you've likely racked up countless hours playing Fire Emblem Awakening. You've classed all of your characters. You've married all of your characters. You've even max-leveled all of you characters. Probably. But there's still something about Fire Emblem Awakening that just burns your boots. Why don't the characters (or horses for that matter) have any feet? Many of us have been wondering about this since Fire Emblem Awakening stepped into our lives and now it's time to reveal that mystery.

In a recent developer interview with 8-4, Ltd. — an independent video game localization company based in Tokyo — the question to why the characters have peg legs has been answered.

8-4: Speaking of doing something different, we have to ask a question a lot of the fans are wondering -- what happened with the feet? (laughs)
Kusakihara: (Laughs) Well, they're there...they're just...omitted a little bit.

The idea was to add a unique sort of deformation to the characters. As for why it ended up like this... At the start of the project, we weren't entirely sure how many bones and joints we'd be able to use in each character model. As it is now, there's a joint at the knees, and then there's nothing below that for the ankles and the feet. This makes it a bit easier to apply animation to models as well. We found out afterward that, with the 3DS, we had more than enough CPU strength available to flesh out the models a bit, add real ankles and so on. We were like "Well, if there's a next time, maybe there'll be more ankles..." (laughs)

We thought we could make it something that would work well with the characters, but now I'm not so sure. (laughs) So it's hard to give a real reason for it, but...well, I think it's kind of cute, though! (laughs) Isn't it? They look like they're wearing high heels. Aren't high heels the big fashion these days?

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8-4: Did you get any feedback about this from Japanese players as well?
Kusakihara: Yeah, some people focused on the feet a lot. (laughs) I think if this was a game that involved people kicking and such, we would have put in real ankles. Instead, you're using handheld weapons for the most part, so we figured we could sort of omit some of the detail down there...
Yokota: We did get feedback about that in the playtesting sessions, but by that point it was like "Well, we can't do much about that now." (laughs)
Kusakihara: A lot of people seemed really preoccupied with the feet... Ah, well. (laughs)

Source: Fire Emblem Awakening (Official)

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Comments: 11

Hahaha. Well that is a reason, I guess. After the initial shock of no feet has passed (with about 2 hours of gameplay) I have yet to focus on their feet again.
Damn, you already read that?
Well, I'd read this on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Before Reading your post on the site... but, I guess, I should get this game. :D LOL
Ive been playing this non stop since it came out and never noticed this. I feel dumb now:(

Anyone else think that they will make one for wii u. I really hope they do.
Wow, what a kicker.
Maybe the feet will come with future DLC!

View Postdswag, on 02 April 2013 - 03:27 PM, said:

Anyone else think that they will make one for wii u. I really hope they do.

Due to the nature of the game, Fire Emblem Awakening is a portable title so I would definitely not want to see that. You'd be willing to give up StreetPass functionality and local battles for a Fire Emblem installment on Wii U?
They dont have feet? I never noticed
They could do something like what Monster Hunter 3 does with cross console interaction, allowing me to continue my experience on the go or at home using the same game file or something.Also The original Fire Emblem wasn't a handheld game. The wii u idea is just a thought on how they could expand the experience.
I was so confused by them not having feet until reading this.  I thought there was something wrong with just my game.  I'm glad to see there is no problem, they just don't have feet.
They really just wanted all the characters to save money by not having to buy shoes.

View PostKyle, on 04 April 2013 - 07:57 AM, said:

They really just wanted all the characters to save money by not having to buy shoes.

Hahaha. That is a good one.