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Limited Edition Pink 3DS XL Bundles For North America

By Kevin on Nov 01 2012 06:44 PM
Currently, other regions of the world have been spoiled with an array of special edition 3DS XL/ LL models. China, for instance, will be receiving the three awesome Mario-themed 3DS XL models next month. Japan, on the other hand, has been spoiled with a Charizard-themed 3DS LL, Pikachu-themed 3DS LL, and many other cool and classic models.

Up until recently, the North American region has been severely lacking in the 3DS XL fashion department, offering only the blue/ black and red/black models. In a recent Tweet from Nintendo of America, they have announced that a Limited Edition Pink 3DS XL is available for purchase. Don't get too excited yet, though. While the pretty pink 3DS XL model is available, it is only available in limited quantities; hence the "Limited Edition."

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Online designer retailer Gilt Groupe happens to be the company that Nintendo of America have partnered up with to get the Limited Edition Pink 3DS XL stock in circulation. There are two different bundles being offered. One bundle comes with Professor Layton & the Miracle Mask, while the other bundle comes with Style Savvy: Trendsetters. Each bundle costs $219.99 and you have to be a member of the Gilt Groupe to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

Source: Nintendo of America Tweet, Gilt

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Darn! I would love to get that pink one with the Professor Layton game. Too bad its limited :/ or else I probably would have got it eventually.
Wow, Pink on White. That makes me a little jealous since the color I wanted from the beginning was white.
My wife is interested in getting Animal Crossing whenever it comes out. I just need to help her decide on what the best 3DS would be for her. So many choices.
Oh man this bites, I haven't bought a 3DS XL yet because I have been waiting for a new color.  Every store where I live only sale blue and red but display a black 3DS XL yet they cannot explain why they do not sale the black lol.  I want a midnight purple one.  Now they have the pink and it is only limited edition, now I have to wait till January to get one and by then they will be gone for sure, ugh!!! Need more colors! Thanks for the info...
Wish my Wife was a gamer, I would buy her the pink and white 3DS XL in a heart beat!

View PostGary, on 02 November 2012 - 09:49 PM, said:

Wish my Wife was a gamer, I would buy her the pink and white 3DS XL in a heart beat!

Did you show her the pink one? Maybe that will be enough to get her interested? Al you need is to get her foot in the door and in no time I am sure she would find something she likes.
She said not happening :-(
Oh my goodness, I found this in Kmart! I am putting it on layaway!  They have only 6 of them and said they will be getting no more!  It's beautiful, it's mine!!! It should be midnight purple, but it is better than blue or red.  My husband laughed at me...I just got my 3DS a few months ago (blue) and then traded it in for a midnight purple once they were back in stock...hehehe...and now I am getting a pink 3DS XL I am addicted!! No other store has it, but Kmart does! I cannot believe it!!