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Look! A Disney Magic Castle Limited Edition 3DS LL

By Kevin on Mar 07 2013 01:52 PM
OK, Japan, a Disney Magic Castle Limited Edition 3DS LL? Really?

A brand-new Disney game for the 3DS looms on the distant horizon. On July 11th, Namco Bandai Games will release Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life. The most magical part of this news is that it's being bundled with a Limited Edition Disney Magic Castle 3DS LL. Talk about teasing the rest of the world! No information has yet been confirmed as to whether the game will release outside of Japan.

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The bundle will retail for ¥24,380 Yen (approximately $259 US Dollars before tax) and will include 6 special Augmented Reality (AR) Cards and a 4GB Secure Digital High-Capacity (SDHC) card. On that same day, Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life will also be available for download in the 3DS Japanese eShop for ¥5,480 Yen (approximately $58 US Dollars before tax). In Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life, you'll meet over 80 different Disney characters and discover more than 1,000 items. You can even choose to play the game using your Mii.

Check out the trailer for Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life

Source: NAMCO Bandai via Nintendo Life

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What exactly is "LL"? How is it different from XL?
I believe its just the way they label something as extra large, so my guess is "Large Large"
Yea, it's simply the way they refer to extra large stuff in Japan, but the wording itself is completely different. I have no idea what "LL" would actually mean in Japanese, though. That's beyond my understanding. Besides that, I gotta admit, that 3DS design is sweet!
That is cute. I would not get anything branded with Mickey Mouse though. I am just not that big of a fan of Mickey. He is good in Kingdom Hearts but not much else.

View PostTammi, on 08 March 2013 - 01:49 AM, said:

What exactly is "LL"? How is it different from XL?

Double "L" where "L" stands for "large."
I am a serious and adequate person.. [ damn CUTE! ]
My 2 year old would go crazy for this, he is getting an XL in the next couple of months because he is the only one without one so it is too bad North America doesn't get this.  Other than that, I am finally happy to say, Japan can keep this one, I am completely happy with my yellow pikachu XL *Big Smile* I have to admit though it is cute and I love the color, they should send the disney game our way :) but they can keep the system
Its cool. But i would want that game more lol i love disney.  The Japanese are lucky