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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon ScareScraper Preview

By Kevin on Mar 07 2013 01:00 AM
The scary ScareScraper awaits you and three other friends!

A little over a month ago, we were saw a sneak peek at some of the multiplayer footage (Hunter Mode) found in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Today, Nintendo have added another video to their official YouTube channel that gives us a more in-depth look at the different modes of play. The ScareScraper is where you and your friends will play together, choosing between four different modes.

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ScareScraper Modes:
  • Hunter Mode - Use teamwork to capture all the ghosts in the room. Succeed and you earn the "Red Coin Scramble" bonus.
  • Rush Mode - Attempt to find the exit as quickly as possible, competing against a countdown timer. Collect timepieces along the way to increase the time.
  • Polterpup Mode - Use your Dark Light device to track down the paw prints of the Polterpups!
  • Surprise Mode - Combines aspects of the three previous modes.
The number of floors can also be set before starting. Choose between 5, 10, 25, or an endless number of floors. Three difficulty levels can be set that could potentially send chills up and down your spines: Normal, Hard, and Expert. At the top of each ScareScraper, you and your teammates will fight a Boss Ghost. Will you succeed?

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon will be released in North America on Sunday, March 24th.

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Comments: 7

this is a raly cool video
Now I really want to buy the game. ^_^
Although mischievous, Polterpups make great pets. They do get skittish around vacuum cleaners though. Ask for them at your local animal shelter!

Give a pet a home and they'll give you unconditional love. Well, Polterpups have clear ghost poop, so...that's what they'll give you instead. Uhm. Hooray!

Nintendo of America is doing the Year of Luigi total justice so far, by the way. Really impressed. And this video was fun, informative, and pleasingly casual the way that YouTube videos charmingly are sometimes. In a word: Enjoyable! In another word: Phalanges. Because phalanges are necessary too and they don't get enough respect or attention.
Please baby Jesus in heaven, don't let there be region-locking for online multiplayer. Mario Tennis Open, developed by Camelot, has online region-locking! I was quite bummed after realizing that I couldn't play that game with friends back in the states, on my NORTH AMERICAN 3DS system. Why on Earth does a developer do something like that?

I don't see that happening with Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, but it's possible.
It seems to be exclusively a Camelot thing, from what I've noticed. Mario Tennis Open is really the only Nintendo game I've seen that region locks online multiplayer (actually, there was also Mario Strikers Charged Football on the Wii; was that also a Camelot game?) Nintendo's main development studio hasn't really region locked the online play in their game, if Mario Kart is anything to go by, so Luigi's Mansion should be smoooth sailing. On a different note, Mario Golf: World Tour sounds like a lost cause, as that's also a Camelot gig. I'm not getting my hopes up for playing that online. But my Internet is terrible, so I can't play my 3DS online anyways
This looks great!  Cant wait!
The multiplayer looks really cool for this game. It looks like they put some good though and time into it. I'm really looking forward to this.