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Meloetta Password Now Available For Pokédex 3D Pro, Pokédex for iOS

By Kevin on Mar 22 2013 05:21 AM

It's time to start singing!
Meloetta sings its way to Pokédex 3D Pro and Pokédex for iOS!

Good morning, Pokémon trainers! The time has finally arrived where you can register the Melody Pokémon Meloetta. By using the special keyword below, you can unlock Meloetta. Once you enter the keyword in the Pokémon Challenge, answer the Keyword Questions. It doesn't matter how many of the questions you get right or wrong.

After finishing the challenge, Meloetta will be added to your Pokédex and you'll be able to view this one-of-a-kind Pokémon in 3D. In addition to unlocking Meloetta, its signature move, Relic Song, will be added to the Move Dex. The keyword applies to all international versions of the Pokédex 3D Pro and Pokédex for iOS applications.
  • Pokédex 3D Pro keyword: TTQALFHN
  • Pokédex for iOS keyword: TCPBSDCR
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Comments: 6

Awesome. Just unlocked it. Thanks!
yes finaly
I still haven't picked this up. I guess now would be a good time since it is on sale in the eShop.
Yay i was waiting for this!
Uhuuu got it at an event in Brazil
Anyone know about Pokedex Pro for Android?