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Monster Hunter Tri G Westward Bound?

By Kevin on Feb 15 2012 07:30 AM
In a recent Monster Hunter Tri G review from newly-launched website Nintendo-Gamer, there are large hints that this title will make its way westward. Currently, Monster Hunter Tri G is only available in Japan but an excerpt from the review has fans optimistic about its westward release. I mean, these are rather large tips.

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"The potential hours in Tri G are huge. But for that very reason it’s the kind of game to wait for – playing this outside Japan means there are no fellow hunters, and so arguably no way to see the best of what it offers. Tri G is a great reworking of what was already a wonderful game, and probably has more content than any other 3DS title available – so it’s just a pity we won’t get to play it until later this year. What is this, the ’90s?"

To sum it all up at the end, with the reviewer verdict, this is stated:

"Tri G has everything that makes Monster Hunter great, but in the absence of online it’s probably better to wait until a bit later in the year for the European release."

Based on all the hype and demand for this game, I'm pretty sure the European and North American regions will eventually see this game.

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I hope we will see the game. It looks great!
Although the information isn't yet available, Edge Magazine has revealed some solid evidence about the western release of this game. In the magazine scans below, you'll notice that the European release date says "TBA." It also displays "US" with no other information. If this isn't solid enough to convince you that Monster Hunter Tri G is coming to the European and North American regions, then I don't know what is.

I'm sure Capcom will reveal more information very, very soon.

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