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New 3DS Firmware Update 5.0.0-11U Could Break Your System

By Kevin on Mar 25 2013 10:32 PM
Beware when updating your 3DS to firmware version 5.0.0-11U.

A little over an hour ago, we reported that there was a new 3DS system update available: versions 5.0.0-11U (North America), 5.0.0-11E (Europe), and 5.0.0-11J (Japan). During the update process, one 3DS owner encountered some problems and created the following topic in the official Nintendo Tech Forums — Nintendo's online support community.

SAFF314 said:

Hello I recently about an hour ago tried to download the latest update  after it prompted me to when accessing eshop.

During the update process around half way through it stopped with an error message and told me to power off the system. I did so then powered back on. This time it took a little longer to turn on and now whenever I try to access the eShop or System Settings I get the message " An error has occured. Please save your data in any software currently in use, then restart the system."

Even after following what it says and powering off the system it just repeats the same message when I try to enter System Settings or Nintendo eShop. All other apps work fine, games load but I cannot reach those two apps.

Am I screwed and need to make a repair?

(This 3ds XL is less than three months old)

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Have any of you experienced any issues similar to this?

Thanks to Oboro Jack for the tip!

Source: Nintendo Tech Forums

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I downloaded it without issue. My friend works at the Nintendo repair center in Kirkland, WA. He may be about to get busy...

View PostPhalanx2006, on 25 March 2013 - 11:26 PM, said:

I downloaded it without issue. Perhaps SAFF314 should go into the settings and restart the update process.

This looks like a pretty common issue. Check out the replies:
Nintendo Tech Forums

P.S. Welcome to Nintendo Nerds, Phalanx2006.
All seems to be fine for me so far, hope I didn't jinx it or anything.
Kinda scary, but thankfully went thru fine for me
Maybe I'll wait before I update!

Please update this post when Nintendo has something to say about this!!
Oh gee! I would have been so mad. No mine prompted me on the main screen and not while in the eShop.
No issues here. The guy probably did something wrong. People are quick to blame Nintendo for their problems. :P
I was so scared when I read the title, lol. Luckily, it went throu fine for me.  My 3DS is heading to 2 years old now, and alot spent on the Eshop. *Hugs 3DS*
Thanks for the heads up Kevin.  I will be updating tonight, wish me luck!
aw man I hope mine goes okay
Mine went through with no problems
My son's update went fine. I am waiting to run the install on my own XL though.
I can confirm this happened to both me and my partner's new 3DS XL's we bought last week.   We received notification of the update today.....but both of us had clicked update later.   I know for myself, I was in a game of Luigi's Mansion when I hit home to change the brightness and it asked me if I wanted to update.   I said no, and it said I could do it later.

So when I was done with my game, I went into System Settings, Other, to do the System Update.....part way through, it gave me the black screen of death.

Upon reboot, Eshop and Settings apps would no longer work.    Awfully coincidental that it happened to both of us.....doesn't bode well for Nintendo, looks like they may have lots of people encountering this error.

I did follow the steps to start up in software update mode and that fixed everything.   Both of us were not happy about potentially having to call Nintendo and possible send our brand new XL's in for service.   I upgraded from the 3DS mainly in preparation for AC New Leaf.
wow .. mine went fine luckily & i just got the 3dsxl model last week .. i wonder what is the problem different hardware types maybe ?
I must admit, last night I used the eShop and it loaded and navigated much faster. This will make me check the eShop more often.
hold l r Up control

it was more a strategy anti piracy

View PostTammi, on 26 March 2013 - 01:42 AM, said:

Maybe I'll wait before I update!

Please update this post when Nintendo has something to say about this!!
kkkkkkkkkkkk they do it always unannounced pity those who use r4
Both of our 3DS systems handled the updated fine as well as all three XL's, and the 3 XL's are brand new.  I was in the middle of trying to do a systems transfer when it told me to update both systems and my son was in the middle of a game when he went to the main screen and it told him to update.  Thank goodness it went fine, I'm sure Nintendo wouldn't want another call from me that soon *big smile*