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New 3DS Firmware Update Available: 5.1.0-11U

By Kevin on Apr 04 2013 11:30 PM
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A new 3DS firmware update is now available for download. Version 5.1.0-11U fixes an error that many users experienced during the previous system update, where access to the System Settings and 3DS eShop became inaccessible following the update. You can download and install this new firmware update by clicking on the "System Settings" icon from the home screen of your 3DS. Once inside the System Settings menu, click on "Other Settings," then scroll to the 4th menu and click on "System Update."

Japan and Europe have also received the update under the same version number: 5.1.0-11J and version 5.1.0-11E, respectively. According to Nintendo of America's website, the description for the 5.1.0-11U System and Feature update reads as follows:

Resolves an issue that may prevent access to the System Settings or other features.
  • Some users received an error during the system update and were then unable to access the System Settings, Nintendo eShop, or Game Notes. This update prevents this from occurring again. If you are currently experiencing this error, please click here for related troubleshooting.
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Source: 3DS Support | Nintendo America

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Cool, thanks for the update!
I woke up to this update. Luckily I was not one of the people who had such an issue.
Luckily I had no problems, but good to know that there is a way to fix it.