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New 3DS LL Models Revealed: Mint White And Tomodachi Collection

By Kevin on Mar 11 2013 09:26 PM
Only the color spectrum contains more colors than 3DS LL models.

Japan have just broadcast a new Nintendo Direct titled Nintendo Direct Tomodachi Collection. During the short presentation, two new 3DS LL models were revealed: one stand-alone and one Tomodachi Collection-themed bundle. Tomodachi is the Japanese word for friend, by the way. Both models will be released alongside Tomodachi Collection, on Thursday, April 18th.

The Mint X White model will retail for ¥18,900 Yen, which is approximately equivalent to $197 US Dollars. The Limited Edition Tomodachi Collection-themed bundle will retail for ¥22,800 Yen, which is approximately equivalent to $237 US Dollars and will have Tomodachi Collection pre-installed on a 4GB SDHC card.

Posted Image
Mint X White 3DS LL

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Tomodachi Collection 3DS LL

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Back in my day, Game Boy came in one color and that color was gray. We were happy just to be able to play a video game away from the television! We didn't even have color graphics! They were just black and white. We walked uphill to school. In the snow. Without shoes. Or socks. Both ways, to school and from school. It was a hard life and we never complained.

But then Nintendo showed us Animal Crossing New Leaf and everything changed! And now everything is in color and everything is easier and people go to school on their computer without a wire in sight!

Anyway, mint continues its reign. It went from a popular color in fashion to a popular color in interior design to a popular 3DS color. It has officially shed its ice cream past. If mint can do that, you who are reading this can do it too. You can shed your ice cream past.

I wonder if Nintendo's goal is just to create the most color variations of all of their handhelds ever. Because they are meeting that goal. And like, in the past we got all those colors on like one day in the summer or like before the holidays. But now they're released like monthly and we just face our current beloved 3DS like, "I still love you but, I've been looking at other 3DS systems on the internet. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Please...let's just hold each other for a while...I'm sorry...I wish I could stop...but Nintendo keeps making more colors...there's even one with Pikachu...I'm sorry."

Nintendo, you made me look at other 3DS systems and you're affecting my relationship with my 3DS and that's not right but I also don't want you to stop.

Never stop.
There needs to be a Luigi Green XL :)
i don't like them so mutch give me the pikatchu one
I really like the Mint x White 3DS XL. It is pretty.
I don't really care for either one. I personally prefer bright colors with the exception of solid white or black.
I'm really interested in Tomodachi Collection, myself. But with all these 3DS variations in Japan, it's hard to decide which one I want to import. I think Play-Asia still has a few JP Fire Emblem Awakening 3DS' left. But there's also the SMTIV one and I really like the look of that TD LL. JUST LET ME DECIDE ALREADY, NINTENDO D:
that second one reminds me of a Yoshi egg