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New Super Mario Bros. 2 Global Coin Counter Is Global

By Kevin on Oct 17 2012 04:43 PM

You thought Wario was bad??
Have you wondered why you're not receiving any new SpotPass notifications for New Super Mario Bros. 2? Nearly one month ago, we reported that New Super Mario Bros. 2 received a LIVE global coin counter. At that time, the coin counter was only available on the official Japanese New Super Mario Bros. 2 website.

At some point within the past week, Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe have both incorporated the global bean counter into their official New Super Mario Bros. 2 websites. All three global coin counters seem to be ticking away in perfect harmony and currently hovers just over 206 billion coins. This is an increase in approximately 80 billion coins over the course of four weeks.

To see the LIVE coin counter in action, here are the links to each of the region's official New Super Mario Bros. 2 websites: Will anything significant happen once the counter hits a certain mark, or is this all for fun?
Let us know what you think.

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Yeah I noticed that. It would be odd if these counters did not eventually mean something. Just like the whole 1 million coin goal. I really hope they reward the players properly for achieving that. The current reward (no spoilers) is kind of pathetic. Only time will tell though. I still believe the reward may be a certain type of DLC maybe for free.