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New Super Mario Bros. 2 Has Achieved 500 Billion Coins Worldwide

By Kevin on Jan 14 2013 12:13 AM
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We are happy to report a worldwide, monumental accomplishment for New Super Mario Bros. 2!

The last time we reported anything about New Super Mario Bros. 2 was when the Worldwide Coin Total surpassed a whopping 400 billion coins. That was approximately three weeks ago, on December 23rd. Since then, there's been no indication that players are any less eager to collect as many coins as they possibly can. When Nintendo released the fourth and final round of New Super Mario Bros. 2 DLC (Downloadable Content) Course packs on December 20, 2012, fans knew that no more DLC would make its way down the pipe.

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Today, we're here to announce that the Worldwide Coin Total for New Super Mario Bros. 2 has reached an astonishing 500 billion coins. That's quite an impressive feat, wouldn't you agree? There's no question that the endless scavenging, for shiny little golden objects, plays a big role in the overall fun factor for this title. Couple that with some superbly designed 3D levels and StreetPass functionality - where you can test your coin collecting skills against other players - and you've concocted a priceless recipe for gold!

It's only fair that we recognize and attribute the New Super Mario Bros. 2 DLC, and the fans that continue to play countless hours collecting those coins. Without those two factors, the 500 billion Worldwide Coin Total would have never been attained. Where does the endless quest for coins end, though? We're not sure, but at the current pace, it's definitely on schedule to break the one trillion mark by July of this year, as we previously predicted. We'll be publishing another article once the one trillion mark has been achieved. Until then, have fun collecting those golden coins!

Yes, we've been stalking the Official Website (below) for the past 24 hours! We're pretty proud of the fact that we finally witnessed the golden reels flashing the number 5 before our golden eyes. Sadly, there were no fireworks. I guess that's only if there's a flagpole in the equation. Oh well, that was super-fun witnessing that! We know you're probably fresh-out of bubblegum so go find more, Mario fans!

Source: New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Official Site)

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Comments: 6

That is pretty cool. I know that I personally have not contributed to that goal in a while. I really should pick up my game and try to make it to 1 million coins. :)
I havent played that game in a while.. im way too distracted by kh and pklmn...
I haven't played this game in a while as well. But I am still going to try to make it 1 million coins and finish trying to collect all star coins.
That's insane lol I have only collected like 6k so far
I collected 35k before I was like...I don't know what else to do in this game lol
I am gonna get this game soon!! It looks fun and I could help the coin total up.