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New Super Mario Bros. 2 Impossible and Mystery Adventures DLC Packs Available Tomorrow

By Kevin on Dec 19 2012 04:58 PM
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The fourth and final round of New Super Mario Bros. 2 DLC Course packs have been announced. It's a darn good thing these were released before Friday, December 21st. As with previous Course Packs, the Mystery Adventures Pack (DLC #9) and Impossible Pack (DLC #10) each contain three unique courses. Each pack can be purchased tomorrow, December 20th for $2.50 each, accessible via the game's Shop option in Coin Rush Mode.

In the Mystery Adventures Pack, you'll have to find and navigate your way through hidden passages of an underground labyrinth and ride floating blocks while searching high and low for mystery Coins. Finding the hidden paths is the key to victory in the Mystery Adventures Pack. Your target Coin count for the completion of the course is 20,000 Coins.

The final pack, Impossible Pack, is not for the weak of heart. Without a doubt, this is a series of the three most-difficult New Super Mario Bros. 2 courses ever released. Throughout the courses, there are no Coins or power-ups along the way. The amount of Coins you earn will be depend upon how much time you have left on the clock after completing a course. The Impossible Pack is recommended only for players who have "supreme confidence in their abilities." The target Coin count for this Pack is set to 100 coins.

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That is awesome. Wow the final pack of DLC huh? That is shocking but understandable. Now they are free to put their efforts into DLC for NSMBU.
These packs are so cool.  I'll have to get some more of these.
I am drooling at that Impossible pack. Need to play that as soon as possible!!
I think I'll get the Mystery pack. Mission Impossible Mario or whatever..I'll pass.