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Obscure Content Available On Official Fire Emblem Awakening Website

By Kevin on Mar 13 2013 05:04 PM
Get your Fire Emblem Awakening wallpapers, timeline covers, and profile icons!

Have you been to the official Fire Emblem Awakening website lately? Did you happen to know that it's chock-full of downloadable content? I'm not referring to the game's DLC, though. Once you land on the main page, you're greeted with a rather large and inviting image to the right while a handful of links garnish the left side. Links such as "About the Game," "Story," "Character," "Gameplay," and "Connect & Download" can easily guide you to their respective pages. Strangely, a "Videos" link is also present, but it's hidden behind the "Buy Now" image.

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A quick scroll to the lower half of the page reveals some supplemental information. Various images (in a slider) can be clicked on that represent things like Mr. Iwata-san's Fire Emblem Awakening interview, a link to the Fire Emblem Awakening Quick Response (QR) code for the 3DS eShop, and even a link to a "downloads" section.

"Wait, what? What's this all about? It sounds pretty important. What can I download?"

Literally hidden right under your nose the entire time, the downloads section gives you access to the following goodies:
  • Official Wallpapers - download six beautiful wallpapers in four different resolutions to be used for your desktop, or however else you see fit
  • Icons - three sets of icons, featuring twenty-four of the most iconic characters, sized at 100x100 pixels
  • Timeline Covers - created from the wallpapers, these six covers are a great way to show off your love for Fire Emblem Awakening
  • Profile Picture Icons - these are the same as the icons, but in 200x200 pixel format
On a personal note — and I rarely present my personal opinions inside articles — I really hope Nintendo of America takes the time to clean up their Fire Emblem Awakening website. There's a laundry list of things on the site that are half-finished and just don't jive well together. I've already mentioned two of them. It's uncharacteristic to see Nintendo of America (especially Nintendo of America) design a shoddy website for a game. I'd prefer to be ignorant to whether or not they outsource these types of projects or not. Just look at how beautifully designed the Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon website is. Please, Nintendo, put forth a little more effort and give your Fire Emblem Awakening fans something to be proud of. First and foremost, be proud of yourself.

Source: Fire Emblem Awakening (Official)

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I'll be checking this out, lol. And that's a funny picture in your post there, XD
Oh great, ill update our gallery with wallpapers soon! Woo hoo!
Agreed on the Luigi's Mansion site.  I love those buttons!
Imagine the nightmare of a poorly-designed Animal Crossing New Leaf website! The Japanese version of the ACNL website is gorgeous with lots to see. It feels like a community website somehow, without the community there! XD