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Paper Mario: Sticker Star Commercial

By Kevin on Oct 29 2012 02:29 PM
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Nintendo of America have just released a new Paper Mario: Sticker Star television commercial for North American viewers. While the commercial may be short, it does show our paper-thin hero taking on a few Ice Bros. with a gigantic hammer. The commercial goes out with a boom as a Bob-omb makes a first-time appearance.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star launches in North America on November 11th, in Japan on December 6th, in Europe on December 7th and in Australia on December 8th. All release dates are for 2012.

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One week before the Wii U is released. I would buy this day one if I wasn't purchasing another console.
Easily my favorite commercial for the game.

View Postaquizero, on 29 October 2012 - 10:18 PM, said:

Easily my favorite commercial for the game.

As opposed to the other ones that were released?
Love it :)
cant wait for this game.
I would love to know who else is playing this game at this time and what your thoughts are. I will say that I love it. I was stuck for a while but that was simply because I was not looking everywhere. There are some cleverly hidden areas and also some areas where you would not think to paperize. Lastly, the most confusing part of the game I found is that when you paperize and see a huge cut out for a sticker I was under the impression that you needed a sticker that fit that size. Well I was so wrong. This is not a spoiler but something that may have been in the manual that I overlooked. If you see a huge cut out while paperizing, all that means is you will need a "thing" sticker.
For general discussion, head over to the Paper Mario: Sticker Star topic. I'll be discussing this game very soon!