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Pokémon AR Searcher eShop Video

By Kevin on Jun 26 2012 06:17 AM
Here's the new Pokémon AR Searcher application video, only available via the Japanese Nintendo eShop. The price is Â¥300 Japanese Yen, which is approximately equivalent to $3.74 US Dollars. The Pokémon AR Searcher application was released for the Japanese Nintendo eShop about three days ago, on June 23rd, 2012. I just downloaded it for my Japanese 3DS, but haven't messed around with it yet. I'll probably try it out within the next couple days.

I'll let everyone know how it is. I can see myself bumping into the walls of my tiny Japanese apartment already.

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LMAO. That would be a site to see.
Yea i still wanna see ppls reactions to someone playing in a public place not knowing what a 3ds is hahahhah
mee to lol