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Pokémon X and Pokémon Y: Froakie Evolution Revealed (Rumor)

By Kevin on Mar 29 2013 02:39 AM
Could Froakie's (Keromatsu ケロマツ) final evolution be Froakix (Geronoumi ゲロノウミ) in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y?

An intriguing image of Starter Pokémon Froakie's possible final evolution has recently floated to the top of the water. The image actually started circulating throughout social networks about two months ago, but has been a recent popular focal point for activity and controversy throughout a number of online Japanese fan communities.

While this is currently only speculation, it's difficult to argue that the image below doesn't resemble a consistent style design as found in the official artwork of Ken Sugimori — Japanese video game designer and manga artist most notably famous for the character designs found in the Pokémon franchise.

What are your thoughts? Could this design be something similar to what we can expect to see for Froakie's final evolution?

Posted Image

Froakix (English)
  • Español - Froakix
  • Italiano - Froakix
  • Français - Granousex
  • Deutch - Froaxix
  • Japanese - ゲロノウミ (Geronoumi)
Source: Pokesoku

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Comments: 4

uh, I've seen this pic already, maybe a month ago. and I don't think that THIS is a real evolution. but looks kinda.. awesome :D
I was one of them who posted this image online. I think it does look cool but with the current let down that was Jynx's evolution I am weary of getting my hopes up. :(

I think it looks cool but too similar to Emboar (sumo wrestler style). I really do not want a Water/Fighting evolution.
I'm crossing my fingers and hoping Frokie's evolutions will be Water/Ice. But IF this is a real Gen VI Pokemon it does kind of look Water/Fighting.

I really don't want anymore Fighting type hybrid starters. Gen 3-5 was enough for me.
Heh heh this one looks awesome but yea it doesn't resemble the usual art style..