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Pokémon X and Pokémon Y: New Pokémon Resembling Mewtwo Revealed

By Kevin on Apr 06 2013 05:53 PM

New form, or new Pokémon?
On April 1st, we reported that two all-new Pokémon would be revealed this weekend. The announcement was made by Director of Pokémon, Junichi Masuda, during the March 31st episode of Pokémon Smash! — the Japanese variety show and successor to the Pokémon Sunday series that features live-action segments and reruns of old anime episodes. Unfortunately, only one of those Pokémon were revealed today.

At the end of today's episode of Pokémon Smash!, an all-new Pokémon — which closely resembles and has some sort of unknown connection to the Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo found in the Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Blue Version  — was officially revealed. While it's not a form or evolution of Mewtwo, it does share many of its traits including a light-purple colored body and piercing intimidating eyes. No specific details were given for its name, type, height, or weight. As soon as we find out more details, we will post them.

Here's what it looks like.

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I shall call it Majjin Mew!
Or Newtwo.
What about Mewtiny?

View PostKyle, on 06 April 2013 - 08:07 PM, said:

What about Mewtiny?

I like it. Or, even Mewthree.
He looks funny.. not sure how his tail ended up on his head.. BUT I LIKE IT! He kicks some serious.. ;)

View PostKevin, on 06 April 2013 - 08:08 PM, said:

I like it. Or, even Mewthree.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... Don't go there.
Myuutwo 1 3/4?
Cool! Glad I preordered the game. :D
Aw man, I completely forgot about Pokemon Smash! D:

Still, I'm confused, that guy looks so much like Mewtwo, how could he not be an alternate form, at least?
But Myuu and Myuutsu look alike but they are different Pokemon ;p
They're not that alike, to be honest, even with Mewtwo being a superpowered clone of Mew. This one just seems really obvious that it should actually be a new form, rather than a distantly related cousin/Pokemon.
Mewtwo has a family and this is its unruly teenager that thinks wearing its tail for hair is fierce and edgy-looking. And though it takes some time, Mewtwo finally comes around after it realizes that all its teenager wants is to be accepted and loved for who it is.

And we call this teenager: MewGaGa.
This Pokemon looks great. If it is to have relation to Mewtwo than would it not have the same relation to Mew? I mean Mewtwo was created as an experiment of Mew.

Here was my initial reaction to the images and videos of this Pokemon that I tweeted "Mew Two Three not only you and me... getting down with MewThree?" Haha. I took the lyrics from Britney Spears song, "3" and made it work for Pokemon. :)
Well if u guys actually looked mewtwos tail comes from the front... I think this may be some kind of experiment from the bad guys in the new game splicing mew two and geNecect...

Wait.... those ears... arceus? ARCEUS????? Correct me if I'm wrong but those look like arceus horns/ears!

Eh.. and the 'tail' piece on his head could be from arceus's influence too! Its flowing hair? Bah someone tell me I ain't crayzay
hm not sure why, but the more I hear about pokemon x and y the less I want to play it. What's wrong with me!!
I think it actually looks pretty cool!
Only thing that's kind of weird is the fact that the tail somehow... is on his head now.
No matter
#MewtwoLuvv <3
i didn't like it at first and it has grown on me, but seeing it animated might make me really like it.

Masuda-chan did good;^^;