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Pokémon X and Pokémon Y: Two New Pokémon Revealed This Weekend

By Kevin on Apr 01 2013 09:44 PM
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I think I'm gonna...FAINT!
Two new Generation VI (6) Pokémon will be revealed this weekend. But which ones?

If you follow Pokémon, chances are you've already heard about the big Pokémon X and Pokémon Y news that will be unveiled this coming weekend. But do you know the specifics?

During last Sunday's episode of Pokémon Smash! — the Japanese variety show and successor to the Pokémon Sunday series that features live-action segments and reruns of old anime episodes — Director of Pokémon, Junichi Masuda announced that big news was coming for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y after a short tease of two images that were shown to fans during the show.

Specifically, two brand-new Generation VI (6) Pokémon will be revealed this Saturday during Pokémon Smash!. Below is the schedule for this weekend's Pokémon Smash!, when the new info will be announced. You can expect to see us publish an article immediately after hearing the news, so keep us tuned in.

Upcoming Pokémon Smash! Schedule
  • North America - Saturday, April 6th @ 3:30PM (PST)
  • North America - Saturday, April 6th @ 6:30PM (EST)
  • United Kingdom - Saturday, April 6th @ 11:30PM (BST)
  • Japan - Sunday, April 7th @ 7:30AM (JST)

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Hmm... at this point since there are two Pokemon and not three being revealed I am certain they will not be evolutions to the starter Pokemon. I would imagine they would be an evolution or pre-evolution to an existing Pokemon. That would be my guess.
I agree with you ^^^^^^^^^ but i would also like to add that i believe these two will be version exclusives.
I'll add to the conversation that I think these 2 new Pokémon will be types unlike the starters or the new Eevee evolution's type. So no GRASS-, WATER-, FIRE-, or FLYING-type Pokémon reveals.

Pokémon: Where Magic Meets Science.
I'll say that we're going to see two, unannounced Pokémon.
I second that. They sure do know how to make us wait for information.

Kevin, on 02 April 2013 - 08:04 PM, said:

I'll say that we're going to see two, unannounced Pokémon.

You are a funny man. :)
Maybe its a Jynx evolution or Heracross evolution. Or even better a *cough* mewtwo evolution *cough*
Rumor has it that we might see a new evolution for Drowzee. Yawn...
Aiiiiyeeee!!!... ^o^ I can't wait to play the new Pokemon games.. *flails about wildly* I just recently got into them with Black and White... (used to make fun of Pokemon fans.. and now I am one of them!! *shame*!)

This little tid-bit helps me get that much more excited. thank you! :D
Pokemon's official Twitter page just posted again about BIG news for Pokemon X and Y tomorrow. I can hardly contain myself. The way that it was phrased I am hoping for more news than just Pokemon reveals.