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Pokémon X, Pokémon Y: New Feature Called Pokémon-Amie

By Kevin on Jun 11 2013 02:54 PM
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Coochy coochy coo, Pikachu!

If Fairy-type Pokémon, an October 12th release date, and the reveal of two brand-new Pokémon (Vivillon and Noivern) isn't enough to excite you for the day, there's more. In Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, you can strengthen your bond with Pokémon by using a new in-game feature called Pokémon-Amie.

Feed, pet, and play with your Pokémon to "deepen the connection between you." You can tickle a Snorlax with your stylus, folks! A SNORLAX! OK, OK, I'll relax. But seriously, there's more.

You can also copy the actions of your Pokémon to make them happier. For example, you can mimic your Pokémon, who is tilting its head to the left and sporting a medium-sized smile, by doing the same thing. Pokémon-Amie will use the built-in features such as the Gyro Sensor and camera to detect your moves.

Will you be finding that ticklish spot on your Pokémon or feeding it flavored cupcakes?

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y E3 2013 Trailer

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How adorable >w< I almost started screaming like a little girl when I saw this. Also, this new feature reminds me of Kingdom Hearts DDD. You could do exactly the same things with your Dream Eaters.
This is awesome. I agree with Rosemary, this does seem very similar to KH 3D but in an even better way. Why, you ask? Because the Dream Eaters were cute monsters that don't have a rich history like Pokemon do. That is why! :) I can't wait for this game and I welcome the fairy-type Pokemon.

View Postaquizero, on 11 June 2013 - 04:32 PM, said:

Dream Eaters were cute monsters
They are still cute :)

And here comes absolutely new slogan for this game - forget "Gotta catch 'em all", now it's - "Gotta pet 'em all!"
All of my pokemon will be petted till they are bald and so morbidly obese from all the yummies I will give them!! <3  ^_^
I had wondered when this feature would appear because it always made perfect sense to me. We raise these Pokémon and yet there's a disconnect that we feel. But now we'll be totally engaged!

I really hope they bring back Contests with medals and everything. XD I always loved that.