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Pokémon X, Pokémon Y: Nintendo Developer Roundtable Video

By Kevin on Jun 12 2013 01:11 PM
Here it is, everyone! Nintendo have just uploaded the much anticipated Developer Roundtable Video featuring Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. Yesterday, this Roundtable event was held privately and we provided you with live-updates as they were Tweeted by the official Pokémon account. Now, you can get all the details, as it happened.

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I would love to Nintendo or the Pokemon Company to do this more often. Give the fans a better insight into how this new 3D game is created. I am beyond excited for this game and it seems like it wont disappoint.
Yea I love seeing how things are made and I also love hearing a makers inspiration too!
I also wish nintendo would do this more often!
JESSIE CANTRELL! SHE'S BACK! I miss her so much from the recently-cancelled Nintendo Show 3D! ;-; She...she's okay. I'm so happy! TT^TT

I love that he was like, "...and then we animate it." Like it's just this button they push. XD "Animated! Done."

I'm really glad that there's so much diversity in the camera angles and graphics. To be able to see Pokémon from different angles, to see how they move, it's really important to me in terms of getting a feel for them as characters.

The "always-on" internet connection idea is really fascinating! It'll be so cool to be playing and be like, "Oh! My friend's on! Maybe they can trade a Pokémon to me to help me with this battle I'm facing." I really love that idea.
so ecited


I love that he was like, "...and then we animate it." Like it's just this button they push. XD "Animated! Done."

IKR? I was thinking the same thing.

I'm loving the style and feel they have developed for this game. I can see myself beingcompletely submerged into the game and thinking to myself that I am truly a pokemon trainer. Very nice. I also like the idea of the sky battles.
I love how the new range of pokemon look much better than the last few games that they've brought out and also how its a completely different set up! They've needed to do something new with pokemon for a while and the whole 3D aspect has really made it stand out :P especially with the wild encounters, i don't know anyone who hasnt gotten bored of the repetitive style of them..

They have really put some effort into this one! Definitely pre-ordering :P
I have sure enjoyed playing this game; it is awesome!
This game is awesome and i can't wait for then next.