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Project X Zone Demo Coming To 3DS eShop June 4th

By Kevin on May 30 2013 01:54 PM
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According to fansite Siliconera, Namco's ultimate action-RPG crossover Project X Zone is getting a demo next week. The demo, entitled “Imperial Demo,” will be available in the North American 3DS eShop starting Tuesday, June 4th.

This is likely the same demo that's coming to the European eShop on June 27th under the title "Dark Hours." Project X Zone will be released in North America on Tuesday, June 25th.

Source: Siliconera

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I am very interested in trying the demo. Games with such a large roster can really go bad as most of the characters lose their identity having a move-set that is so similar to others. Also the constant use of hyper/special moves back to back can make a game like this lose it's appeal. I just hope this game does not fall into those traps like Marvel vs Capcom did.
Oh, we already have it available. However, it seems there might be several versions? My demo is called demo A.

But I think I will enjoy this game ^^
The article has been updated for clarity.
weeeeeell.. I've tried this demo.
can't say that I don't like it at all. I do [a little], but I won't purchase the full game.
It's not really my cup of tea, or at least I'm not anticipating it.

But I loved the Sakura Wars OVA (Sakura Taisen in Japanese and OVA stands for Original Video Animation which usually means a short direct-to-video anime series. In this case I think it was 4 episodes and I'm pretty sure it was the 1997 one.) So it's neat to see some characters from that again, it's not really well-known in North America.

Nonetheless, I look forward to hearing more about Project X Zone. Though it may not strike my fancy, the sheer scope and ambition of the game have me curious.
Just finished with the demo...er, it's a bit overwhemlingly Japanese fer a Scot like me.

I guess what I mean is, it's a very flashy "Hey look at me! Ker-pow! Flashing colours! Overly cute voices! What kind of music is that? Whoa, numbers! Wait a minute is that chick naked?" type game that just didn't hit home. I imagine though for a lot of you it's right up yer alley. I was able to recognise a couple characters though which I imagine for many is the hook of the game.