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Punch-Out!! Coming To The eShop

By Kyle on Jan 25 2012 02:53 PM
Nintendo 3DS owners rejoice! It looks like Punch-Out!! is going to be released in the 3DS eShop in Japan on February 1st. No one can verify if, or when North America will have a chance to KO the NES title. The title will go for the same price as the Wii Virtual Console version (500 points aka $5). This will also be the first direct port of a NES game to the eShop for non-Ambassadors.

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Who plans on getting it?

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I already own a copy of Punch-Out!!, so I'm going to pass. It would be cool to play on the go, though. By the way, I added this topic to the homepage.
First off, nice topic! It was good enough to get promoted to an article on the homepage. :thumbsup:

As far as the game goes, I'll probably pass as well. I have it on the Wii Virtual Console. Thinking about it though, this would be awesome to see as a 3D Classics title, don't ya think?
By the way, that image with Iron Mike is a little misleading. There is just no way Nintendo releases the original. It's actually going to be Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream, like in the Wii VC.
I honestly think doing the game in 3D would be a little too much. While the concept sounds great, I doubt taking the time to divide the layers for the 3DS would be worth the effort of the developers. With the ring being a non changing prominent background, the effects would be left to the characters, which would be underwhelming at best. IMHO