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Rune Factory 4 Confirmed For North America

By Kevin on Jan 31 2013 03:42 PM
XSEED Games have just announced, via official Press Release, that they'll be localizing Rune Factory 4 for North America. Scheduled to be released this Summer, it is the first game in the Rune Factory series to be released for the Nintendo 3DS. Rune Factory 4 is a simulation/ role-playing game that boasts many new features such as romance options, the ability to select between male or female character at the start of the game, and endless crafting, farming and cooking opportunities.

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Be sure to check out the newly-launched official Rune Factory 4 Facebook page as well.

Source: Official News (XSEED Games)

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Well this is good news. I am glad to see more games getting localized. This will surely help sales numbers for Nintendo.
I have mixed feelings. :^/