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Spooky Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Music

By Kevin on Jan 27 2013 05:01 PM
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How about concluding your weekend with some spooktacular Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon music? Or, if you've already started your Monday, let the haunting melody resonate throughout your office space to chill your fellow co-workers. Get your Poltergust 3000 locked and loaded, everyone. It's just about time to start ghost-busting!

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is coming to North America and Japan on March 24th and March 20th, respectively. Europe will receive the title at some point in March under the title Luigi's Mansion 2.

* track is copyright of Nintendo

Source: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Official Website (Nintendo of Japan)

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<3 :)
Last year I ripped the little Luigi ringtone from one of the videos ;) (its just the main theme, but sounds like a ring tone), I have it set for when I get txt messages on my phone haha
It's convenient that "Ghostbusters" and "Luigi" have the same number of syllables.

I'm not into anything scary, but it's my guess that Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon will be less scary and more funny, thrilling, and cute.
I really need to get a 3DS. I remember Luigi's Mansion had the main theme playing almost through out the whole game but it didn't get annoying because it was catchy and it changed instruments or Luigi would whistle it.
Luigi's Mansion was good and since this is it's sequel I have to get it.
But the most important reason of why I want to get it is because of :luigi:
it is like the same form the gamecube but it has somting special.
I do enjoy this music. I never played the original so I cannot compare the similarities to that. I would love to see Nintendo release an official soundtrack.
I like it better than the first one!
I liked Luigi being the hero in Luigi's Mansion, so I will most likely buy and play this game