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Sure North America And Europe Will Receive The Animal Crossing 3DS XL

By Kevin on Apr 16 2013 07:07 PM
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Hey, North America and Europe, are your wallets ready for an Animal Crossing-themed 3DS XL?

Online UK retailer ShopTo has recently added a pre-order listing for an "Animal Crossing Limited Edition Console Bundle 3DS" to the 3DS hardware section of their website. But now, any attempt to access that web page results in a "Ooops, the Pacman has eaten this page!" error message. It's clear to see that ShopTo has mistakenly added this "piece of fruit" to their basket. Was this the result of simple human error, or has ShopTo accidentally revealed an imminent piece of information that will be officially unveiled during tomorrow's North American and European Nintendo 3DS Direct presentation?

It's easy to give ShopTo the benefit of the doubt and say they may have accidentally added an incorrect item to their inventory. Everyone makes mistakes, even online retailers and Michael Pachter. There's still something puzzling about all of this, however. With a few simple points, I'll do my best to prove why this ShopTo listing isn't human error, but more a matter of premature advertisement. Here's why tomorrow's Nintendo 3DS Direct will announce a bundled Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS XL for North America and Europe.

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ShopTo still lists the "Animal Crossing Limited Edition Console Bundle 3DS" item on their website. Sort of. While the page may have been eaten by a hungry Pacman, the images and embedded video media from that web page still reside on ShopTo's web server. Here's the Animal Crossing: New Leaf video that's embedded on the on ShopTo's server. Here's an image that is used for that video's thumbnail. Lastly, this is the thumbnail image being used for the product listing's box art.

Information for this listing page also shows some specific details. A release date of Friday, June 14th — the same day that Animal Crossing: New Leaf releases in Europe — is clearly shown, along with a PEGI 12 rating and a "Notify Me" button. Coincidence? I think not. The system will include a 4GB Secure Digital (SD) card and have Animal Crossing: New Leaf pre-installed. A "Price Promise" of £199.99 is shown and also slashed by 5% to reflect a pre-order price of £189.85. Lastly, the Delivery Promise details state the following:

ShopTo website said:

Click the buy button to add Animal Crossing Limited Edition Console Bundle 3DS to your pre-order basket (you will be asked to login if you haven't already). You will not be charged until the item is dispatched. You may cancel the pre-order anytime before dispatch.

Pre-release dispatch
Pre-order Animal Crossing Limited Edition Console Bundle before 12pm on Wednesday 12th of June 2013 to receive it by the release date of Friday 14th of June 2013( UK & Mainland Only )

We are so confident that you will receive Animal Crossing Limited Edition Console Bundle for Friday 14th of June 2013 that if for ANY reason you do not we will compensate you with £5.00 to your account.
* Only if pre-ordered by 12pm on Wednesday 12th of June 2013 See Terms and Conditions

Here are my final thoughts. Tomorrow's Nintendo 3DS Direct will be short, sweet, and to the point: similar to a luscious piece of fruit from an apple, cherry, peach, pear, or orange tree. Japan announced their Animal Crossing-themed 3DS XL (known in Japan as the 3DS LL) early last October. In fact, they announced that the bundle would be available on November 8th, 2012 — the same day as the game's debut in Japan. There's clearly a similar pattern taking shape, isn't there? Tomorrow's Nintendo 3DS Direct will be no exception.

FUN FACT: Korea even received the Animal Crossing 3DS XL!

Sure, we'll see other footage for upcoming 3DS eShop, 1st-party, and 3rd-party software but the highlight for tomorrow will be the announcement of an Animal Crossing-themed 3DS XL for North America and Europe. It'll be released alongside the game's debut in North America on June 9th and in Europe on June 15th. Are you ready to give Nintendo more of your money? More importantly, are you ready to spend $200 on Animal Crossing: New Leaf?

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Source: ShopTo (original)

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it is very cute :]
It's okay, but not what I want my 3DS to look like.
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