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This Paper Mario Took A First Class Flight To Japan

By Kevin on Dec 19 2012 07:25 PM
A few weeks ago, our Columnist, aquizero (Benjamin) nonchalantly asked me if I liked posters. I believe it was a brief conversation via Google Talk or something like that. I think I replied with a "yes" and we began carrying on about something else, like we usually do.

To my surprise, I just received something really cool in the mail. I'd call it a poster, but it's more like a humongous Paper Mario: Sticker Star sticker sheet. I mean, this thing is huge. So, I wanted to say thanks to Benjamin for sending this! I'm still trying to decide what to do with it. Maybe I should slap this sucker on my back windshield or something? Thanks again, Ben. You rock!

I must admit, it's pretty cool receiving stuff like this while I'm over here in Japan. I will return the favor very soon, my friend.

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You are more than welcome my friend. I am glad it made it there safe! Now you are the sticker star! Hehe.