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Wario Isn't Greedy, You Are

By Kevin on Aug 20 2012 06:05 AM
If you think Wario has a fetish for lining his pockets with loot, maybe you should take a hard look at your current coin count in New Super Mario Bros. 2. According to the most recent (about one hour ago) SpotPass notification I received for my Japanese copy of New Super Mario Bros. 2, there has been a total of 36,411,918,144 coins collected worldwide. That's a lot of gold, is it not?

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That is a lot of Gold. It is cool. I am still very curious as to what this is going to mean in the long run. I hope a new Nintendo Direct will shed some light on this.
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Precisely, Darth.
That was an awesome picture DarthArk
Mwahahah now they have slightly more meaning than just to get lives since theres a goal in mind.. one million right? I think i can do it :)