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What? The 3DS LL Is Evolving?

By Kevin on Apr 28 2013 03:53 PM

Yes, it's another Japan exclusive.
Eeveelutionary changes are about to happen in Japan.

On Wednesday, May 15th, an Eevee-themed 3DS LL (known as 3DS XL in other regions) will be revealed. Specific details for the model are scarce at the moment, however. Promotional posters for the upcoming event were recently spotted inside participating Pokémon Centers throughout Japan. Getting your hands on one of these special 3DS LL models is the hard part, though.

Like the Japanese-exclusive Charizard-themed 3DS LL we reported on last October, you'll have to register (via mail system) to be entered into a special lottery to even get the chance to purchase the Eevee-themed 3DS LL. If you win the lottery, you can purchase it over-the-counter for whatever price is set for the item.

Do you think this model will be Eevee-specific, or themed on one of its evolutions?

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Source: NeoGAF

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This is pretty cool :P
Y'know what would be cool? If it was like a lenticular lens image and you could have Eevee and all of the Eevee-lutions on the cover the 3DS XL/LL. And they could like, move. And it would be awesome.

But a 3DS that's a neutral tone could be really cool-looking. I've been secretly hoping for a wood-tone 3DS, haha!
I would like a nice brown-colored Eevee themed 3DS. I think that would be very unique. Though I also agree with Pasta that a 3DS that has Eevee and its evolutions would be superb. I would like to see something like this promotional Eevee C-Gear:

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Just upgraded to a XL, if this come our way i have to pass :(