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New Pokémon Dream World Dolls For October

By Kevin on Oct 11 2012 09:05 PM
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Have you checked your Pokémon Trainer mailbox on Pokémon.com lately? If not, there's a special password waiting for you. From October 11th, 2012 through November 15th, 2012, you can use that special password to unlock three new dolls for your Pokémon Dream World home; Black Kyurem, White Kyurem and Melowetta.

Liven up your Pokémon Dream World home today!
  • Log in to the Pokémon Global Link
  • click on "Promotions"
  • click on "Get more Pokémon Dolls in October!"
  • Enter the password CATDFYH to obtain your new new dolls
Be on the lookout for more exclusive dolls, only from Pokémon.com. Enjoy!

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Have to wait til tomorrow xD  Just left the DW not too long ago.
Nice dolls. I want the real pokemon Meloetta!