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Nintendo DSi And DSi XL Price Slice

By Kevin on May 10 2012 09:02 PM
Starting May 20th, Nintendo will slice the prices of its Nintendo DSi and DSi XL portable game systems. Currently, the DSi XL retails for $169.99 and the DSi retails for $149.99. The new, reduced prices for the DSi XL and DSi will be $129.99 and $99.99, respectively. While the official Nintendo Press article made no reference as to which colors were included, we could safely assume that the entire spectrum will see the price cut.

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Both systems come pre-loaded with a variety of fun software, including Flipnote Studio, Nintendo DSi Camera and Nintendo DSi Sound. Nintendo DSi XL comes with additional pre-installed games and applications, including Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters, Brain Age Express: Math and Photo Clock.

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Wow Nintendo must love my birthday. So many things are happening on May 20th. Hehehe. I feel all kinds of special now. Lol. No I am glad that they are finally reducing the cost. I guess there is still a market for these systems (though I love my 3DS).
Wow my Birthday is May 18
Wow nows thats a low price all though I all ready have a DSi XL I got mine in January shortly before the 3DS was annouced lol.
I think the price cut is great maybe that'll get more ppl back into handheld gaming (alot of ppl i know complain about prices or use it as an excuse)