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PETA Presents Pokémon Black & Blue

By Kevin on Oct 08 2012 02:09 PM
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The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or more commonly referred to as PETA, have launched a brand-new assault on Nintendo. Last November, they launched their Mario Kills Tanooki campaign, urging others to save raccoon dogs and be fur-free.

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This year, they've launched a digital assault on Pokémon. This doesn't seem to be a legitimate campaign, but more of just a digital medium to shake things up a bit. They're presenting a Flash-based game that spoofs the insanely popular Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version games for the Nintendo DS. They're calling this game Pokémon Black & White Parody Game: Pokémon Black & Blue. Once the game starts, you're presented with the enthralling storyline.

"As battling Pokémon grew in popularity, generations of children were growing up believing that Pokémon exist for no other reason than to be used and abused by humans...

Children learned about dominance instead of compassion. While Pokémon faced the worst abuses, children also started bullying each other...

Until one Pokémon decided he'd had enough..."

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Trainer Cheren's Moveset (??HP):
  • Choke Collar - "Cheren spiked Pikachu!"
  • Tail-Docking - "Cheren chopped away at Pikachu!"
  • Discipline - "Cheren dished out punishment to Pikachu!"
Pikachu's Moveset (30HP):
  • Quick Attack (15PP) - "Pikachu snuck in stealthily and injured Cheren!"
  • Group Hug (5PP) - "Pikachu smothered Cheren with a loving embrace!"
  • ThunderShock (6PP) - "Pikachu zapped Cheren with a lightning bolt!"
  • Protest (5PP) - "Pikachu beat down on Cheren with some powerful words!"
The game is quite humorous and fun to play, but definitely sends the wrong signal. I don't support PETA, but I do believe in animal rights. While it's all one big joke, this could easily come off as slander. These guys though, take things to a new level; they're extremists. Shortly after launching last year's Mario Kills Tanooki campaign, Nintendo retorted with a statement. Be on the look out for a statement from Nintendo for this one as well.

What do you guys think about this?

Source: PETA

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I hate people for whom loving the animals means that they must go beyond rationality.

View PostBodolay Botond, on 08 October 2012 - 02:35 PM, said:

I hate people for whom loving the animals means that they must go beyond rationality LOVING the animals.

The way PETA actually is.  Gotta love the extremist :palm:
PETA has fallen off their rockers this time...fur real. xD  I too, believe in animal rights, but not to this extreme.  They are pixilated creatures for crying out loud!  I guess they don't pay attention to the fact that playing Pokemon can TEACH kids how to love and respect their companion animals and how to get along with others.  Bullying?  My @$$!  Guess they don't look at how much Pikachu and Ash adore each other.  They are a bunch of overzealous morons who have nothing else better to do with their time than pick on gaming companies.  Nintendo will always have my support, not these fools.  What's next? Nintendogs?  My Goddess, it's virtual animal abuse because I haven't "played" with my "dog and cat" in awhile!  LMAO!!  Watch out, Epona!  They're coming after Link next just because he rides you everywhere he wants to go instead of travelling by foot!  Good grief!
Why would you attack Nintendo multiple times.  This completely takes away from the credibility, if there's any left, of any other PETA ads or campaigns.  It seems very childish and ignorant.
Wow this is just bananas.
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Ok i definitly love animals (hence my obsession with pkmn in the first place) so i kinda get where they r coming from.. but apparently they havent even played the game! Especially black 2/white 2 cus the whole freaking theme is not using pkmn as tools!
Sad, that's all I can say.

Sad, that's all I can say.
Here in arkansas we have burned down 3 peta buildings, and im a deer hunter I don't like them anyway this just pisses me off more.
What came of this? I remember hearing about it...did the whole thing just blow over?

I love all types of animals, but PETA makes me vehemently angry with some of the stunts they pull. I think they care more about publicity than the welfare of animals.