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2013 Pokémon News Coming January 8th

By Kevin on Dec 30 2012 09:27 AM
Remember that mysterious "greeting card" that was recently sent in to Japanese video game magazine Nintendo Dream? Since I couldn't find a decent image anywhere online, I decided to take a trip down to the local Tsutaya and snag the last copy that was solitarily nestled next to a Famitsu magazine. Technically, this "greeting card" is more of a commemorative autograph card sent from some of the top dogs of Game Freak Inc., the company responsible for the development of the Pokémon video games.

With the help from Cheesemeister, fellow gamer and Japanese translator, we were given a Japanese-to-English translation of the image below. Props to Cheesemeister for his diligence and help with this. Within minutes of sending the image to him, he replied back with full translation details. Just so everyone knows, he's helped us numerous times with other various translations; specifically for live coverage that we have provided on Japanese Nintendo Direct presentations.

(click on image for full view)
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Above: A commemorative autograph card, as seen on page 44 of vol. 226 (Feb.2013) of Nintendo Dream magazine. (image credit: Kevin, from Nintendo Nerds)

Translation details from Cheesemeister are as follows:
  • That's a commemorative autograph card. A producer, two sound designers, and a director from Game Freak are profiled.
  • Producer: Junichi _____. Sound designers: Gou Ichinose, Hitomi Satou. Director: Takao Unno.
  • 2012 saw the first numbered Pokemon sequel with BW2.
  • With the introduction of many new elements and interoperability with 3DS download software Pokemon AR Searcher, did everyone have fun?
  • ...fun with the expanded world of Pokemon?
  • In order to move and surprise everyone in 2013, we'll be working hard, so please root for us!
Yesterday, at the tail end of a Japanese television commercial for Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2, information was revealed that Pokémon news would be announced on Tuesday, January 8th, 2013. With these two recent instances of Pokémon-related hints, the speculation seen each end of its spectrum.
  • Could January 8th bring news of a new main-series Pokémon title?
  • Will there be a new exclusive Pokémon Wi-Fi event?
  • How about those Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire remakes?
  • What about the inevitable 6th generation of Pokémon? Is it too soon for that?
I guess we'll just have to wait and see on January 8th. Stay tuned as Nintendo Nerds provides you with all the information, first-hand!

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That is awesome. Being a life long fan of the series I would be pretty upset if the first true 3DS main series game was a remake. If they wanted to remake Ruby and Sapphire I feel that could be done on DS still. Then, they could focus on the 6th generation of Pokemon for the 3DS.

Now based on what this card stated "With the introduction of many new elements and interoperability with 3DS download software Pokemon AR Searcher, did everyone have fun?" I would also assume that we will be getting more side games coming to Nintendo eShop.

Whatever it is, I will be ready to receive the news. I am very anxious at the moment.
hmm... me thinks they'll manage to suprise us all, yet again.. if the pkmn ar searcher is any hint to what they are coming up with.. well i have no clue what to expect.. as for new pkmn? eh i think its a tad bit too soon..