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Club Nintendo Adds Four New Rewards

By Kevin on Nov 10 2011 04:36 AM
Whether you utilize Nintendo's online reward system, Club Nintendo or not, you've got to admit that these new rewards are quite nice. I'll probably get all four of these for future prize giveaways for the community. Speaking of which, I need to finish my post play surveys!

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Power-up your next stroll through the neighborhood with these stylish laces. The white pair features classic power-ups from the Super Mario Bros. game, while the yellow pair showcases some of Mario's most famous foes.
  • Set includes one pair each of white and yellow laces
  • Standard length and size fits most sneakers and shoes
  • Measurements: 40.75" x .4375" each
Please note that shoes are not included in this reward.

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Show off your old-school cred with this classy gray shirt, featuring 8-bit imagery from the original Super Mario Bros. game. Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and more — they're all here.
  • 100% cotton short-sleeve T-shirt
  • Features a Club Nintendo logo on the upper back
  • Sizes: Small (18" W x 28" L), Medium (20" W x 29" L), Large (22" W x 30" L), and X-Large (24" W x 31" L)

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Take a trip down memory lane with this collection of cards detailing Nintendo's 30-plus year handheld history — from the Game & Watch series in 1980 to the Nintendo 3DS system in 2011.
  • 12 cards featuring hand-drawn art and historical info
  • Specially designed pouch featuring system art included
  • Dimensions: 6.125" x 4.125"

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A giant version of the AR Card included with the Nintendo 3DS system — use it create life-sized Mii characters and enjoy amazing augmented-reality gaming experience with AR Games!
  • Measures approximately 28.5" L x 18.25" W
  • Use with Mii Pics in AR Games
  • Reverse side features a Mario AR Card print that can be used in "Star Pics"
  • This product is delivered in a folded state, so there is a crease along the middle; however, this does not affect photography
  • Read the Nintendo 3DS Operations Manual prior to use

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