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Club Nintendo Europe Gets Star Power

By Kevin on Apr 14 2013 02:02 PM
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Look at all those bright Club Nintendo Stars shining over Europe

It may have seemed like an obvious incentive, but Club Nintendo Europe are just now offering their fans incentive for registering select digital Nintendo software. Until today, fans were never rewarded Stars — virtual points that can be used in exchange for tangible Nintendo merchandise such as stationery, game soundtracks, Nintendo Points cards, exclusive Club Nintendo software, etc. — for registering eligible Nintendo software. Welcome to the club, Europe.

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Club Nintendo America and Club Nintendo Japan have been using this reward program from the get-go. I guess patience does pay off (literally) for European Nintendo consumers. Keep your chin up, Europe, it can only get better from here on out. Speaking of redeeming those Stars, here's what you can expect to receive upon registering your products.

Earn Stars for registering qualifying Nintendo products
  • Welcome bonus for initial registration as a member of Club Nintendo = 250 Stars
Registration and completing the survey for hardware:
  • Wii U console = 1000 Stars
  • Nintendo 3DS = 750 Stars
  • Wii console = 1000 Stars
  • Nintendo DS = 500 Stars
Registration and completing the survey for packaged software:
  • Wii U software = 250 Stars
  • Nintendo 3DS software = 250 Stars
  • Wii software = 200-250 Stars
  • Nintendo DS software = 200-250 Stars
Downloading software on a console linked to Club Nintendo and completing the corresponding survey:
  • Wii U software that is also available in packaged form = 250 Stars
  • Nintendo 3DS software that is also available in packaged form = 250 Stars. Completing the survey within 28 days after download = additional 250 Stars
  • WiiWare on Wii, Nintendo DSiWare on Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL, Virtual Console on Wii = 50 Stars, (currently unavailable)
Well, what are you waiting for? The Club Nintendo Star Catalogue has some really neat items that are just waiting to be exchanged for your Stars.

Source: Club Nintendo Europe via Nintendo Life

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Comments: 3

I See the stars above Britain now. I love it when these stars appear - I have never seen them before!!! Very special stars - Believe me.
Huh. Strange how this hasn't been available for Europe, but has been for Australia. Nintendo Australia even goes so far as to offer double the Stars for certain software that you opt to download, rather than buy instore. Mostly first party games, like Ocarina of Time 3D.

Good to see that Europe's finally catching up in something everyone else has had for a while, as surprising as that is.
So these stars are basically the "coins" that we have in Club Nintendo of North America? That is what I got out of this.

If so, it is nice for them to have another style of reward currency that separates them from the bunch. I just wonder what the break down between coins and stars are? I wonder how many stars that is equivalent to?

Regardless, I am glad Europe is getting some love.

Let's say the Animal Crossing Card Set that is 500 Nintendo Club Coins in North America.