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Club Nintendo Kirby 20th Anniversary Medal: A Closer Look

By Kevin on Jan 05 2013 11:35 PM
Back in early September, we reported that Club Nintendo of America was offering a Limited Edition Kirby Medal. The medal, encased in a gold-colored plating and measuring 1x1 inch, was a commemorative collectible item honoring Kirby's 20th anniversary. Within minutes of publishing that article, the item's supply became depleted and no longer available. To some, the limited quantity of only 1,000 medals seemed a bit far-fetched, unrealistic and a tad over-hyped.

For those who jumped at the chance, your quick reactiveness paid off. Club Nintendo wasn't kidding when they announced that only 1,000 of these would be made available. Luckily, I was able to cash in a batch of Club Nintendo Coins and add my name to one of the thousand that was able to claim one. I recently received it in the mail and decided to take a few pictures. Feel free to share the article or the images. If you share the images, please credit our site, as they do belong to us.

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Comments: 3

Super cool! Thanks for sharing!

Kirby proves we can be cute and fierce while aging gracefully.
That is awesome. Congrats.
UGH! I logged into my account shortly after this was made available. The site still said it was available. After deciding to spend my coins on it the site rudely told me "sorry sold out"!

I'm still mad because I missed it. I had no idea it was there since Nintendo made no mention of it that I know of. If I had known about it I would have got it......

Anyhow, congrats Kevin.